It is a pleasure to invite you to explore our website, and our school. We are very proud of Glenaeon’s history, current practice and unique vision for the future.

At Glenaeon, you will find a school that is emotionally fulfilling, academically challenging, culturally enriched, warm and compassionate. We are a friendly school where caring teachers educate to the highest standard and support students on their journey to a fulfilled and successful future.

Glenaeon was the first Steiner school established in Australia in 1957, and from the beginning we valued the importance of imagination, the arts, emotional growth, looking for the positive in every student, school as a community and building a sustainable relationship with the natural environment. We were ahead of our time!

Today, we are in contact with over 40 years of high school graduates and can see that our education has successfully equipped them with a range of skills, attitudes and work practices which have translated into a wide variety of career opportunities. Our alumni page highlights some of our students who have achieve success in many diverse fields.

The school journey at Glenaeon follows children as they pass though a series of developmental stages.

It starts in what Rudolf Steiner called the Kingdom of Childhood, in Kindergarten. At Glenaeon, we work hard to honour the traditions of childhood, ensuring students look back on a joyful, nourishing and imaginatively rich foundation to their lives.

From Class I to Class VI, the children are guided through the imaginative unfolding of the story of mankind, secure in a caring relationship with their Class Teacher.

In Middle and Senior School, students are academically challenged to perform at their absolute best, and their learning is infused with a rich cultural aesthetic. The 21st century is asking for new qualities in our young people: a blend of professional rigour, creativity, imagination, emotional intelligence and a compassionate sense of what it is to be human in this increasingly digital age.

Glenaeon students are educated to a high standard and are also given opportunities to find out who they are, in order to add something of value to the great human story. When they step out into the world, they are equipped to find their own meaning and purpose. Our task as a school is to give them a rich and nourishing environment that will inspire them to be their individual best.

I look forward to welcoming you to Glenaeon.


B.A. (Hons) Dip Arts, M.Ed (Sydney) MACE

Head of School