When travelling to and from school on School Charter
Buses and public transport, all Glenaeon students are
expected to comply with a Transport Conduct Code in order
to ensure their safety and comfort and the safety and
comfort of others. The conduct of students on school or
public transport will seek to uphold school values and
general Code of Conduct.

Bus Passes and Opal cards are issued on condition that
all students know and understand their obligations as set
out in the Transport Code of Conduct summarised below.

Parents are requested to share this document with
their children in an age appropriate way and encourage
them to abide by its rules.

Transport Code of Conduct summarised:

• Behave appropriately and safely at all times
• Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
• Maintain possession of the Opal card at all times
• Follow the driver’s instructions at all times
• Treat property with care
• Show courtesy to the general public

All students are responsible for their
actions and conduct.
Examples of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour
that can result in consequences include:

• Any type of teasing, bullying or offensive behaviour
• Swearing and offensive language
• Loud and noisy behaviour
• Littering – either on vehicles or at bus stops
• Throwing objects inside or out of the bus
• Damaging property – either on vehicles or at bus stops
• Vandalism and graffiti – either on vehicles or at bus
• Failure to follow instructions of the driver
• Moving around the bus/train whilst it is in motion
• Not wearing designated school uniform
• Placing feet on the seat
• Failing to give up a seat for an adult (public transport)

Breaches of this Code of Conduct can include
consequences such as:

• Formal investigation and interview process
• After school detention (Friday)
• Automatic suspension of bus pass or Opal card