The 2019 textbook, workbook and stationary list for Years 7 – 12 can now be found online at Campion Education and the link below will take you directly to their webpage.

Once you have created your login or chosen to continue without an account, you will need to enter Glenaeon’s 2019 code in order to gain access to the relevant class list. Hardcopies of the resource list were not provided by Campion this year and please view the required texts directly on Campion’s site or at Glenaeon Learning Online (GLO) under the relevant year level tab in ‘Information and Resources’.

Campion Education:

Glenaeon’s 2019 Booklist Code:

We recommend that you purchase textbooks and equipment before Wednesday, 12th December to ensure that all students have their materials at the start of term next year. Unfortunately, we have found that many titles ordered in January often arrive well into Term 1.

While online ordering is preferred, personal shopping is also possible; however, we have been advised that there is usually a very long queue!

Campion Education Shop Address:
2/43 Herbert St
Open 9am – 5pm Mon to Fri.