Term 1, Week 6

Thursday 7 March 2019

Welcome to the sixth newsletter of Term One. In this issue you’ll read about:

  • the Deck Dedication morning tea
  • the new Glenaeon Studios Program
  • lots of lost property to scroll through
  • photos from the recent Open Day
  • Class One’s learning and fun
  • the upcoming Year 10 Musical Pirates of Penzance
  • some great Parent Education sessions coming up
  • and the school canteen menu for next week

This is also my last newsletter for Glenaeon. I want to thank everyone for their contributions and wonderful feedback over the past couple of years. Producing the newsletter has been one of my great joys at Glenaeon, being able to observe first-hand the incredible work that goes on in the school. I leave the newsletter in the safe hands of Melony Browell. Please email [email protected] with future contributions. Thanks and all the very best,