View Glenaeon Junior School Handbook Years 3-6

We view emotional health and balance as fundamental
for every student as he/she progresses through the
school. Students learn best when they are in healthy
relationships, and we strive to ensure each class is a
learning community. We aim to build a collaborative
culture within the school, where teachers are respected
as the authorities in the classroom and playground,
and each student is respected as a valued individual
participating in the life of the school community.
Glenaeon’s core community values, and how they ‘live’
in the school are:
• Respect: listening to others
• Cooperation: following instructions and working
effectively with other students
• Self-discipline: enabling others to learn in a
safe and supportive environment
• Self-achievement: attention (on task behaviour)
These values are important for the healthy development
of the students. Our expectations of students (and
indeed teachers) are that they will conduct themselves
in the classroom and the grounds in harmony with
these values.