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The Community Involvement Program provides parents with many ways to contribute their energy and service to the school.

The CIP allocates 32 hours of involvement per year to each family with the option for families to pay a levy in lieu of volunteering at numerous tasks and events. A CIP levy of $140 per term per family is charged up front to school accounts. When voluntary work is done and registered via the CIP service record form (see attached link below), it is credited to their account the following term at the rate of $17.50 per hour (i.e. 8 hours per term gives you your full credit). You must note your work on the form by the due date (usually a couple of weeks before the end of term) for it to be credited back to you in the following term’s invoice.

Credits may be accumulated during the calendar year and you don’t have to do the full 8 hours each term for the accumulation to occur. Some families make their entire contribution for the year in a single term by attending a school camp for example. Credits are not carried over from one year to the next.

Some of the tasks that attract full CIP credits are class parent, school council member, serving on a committee, running the parent library, and attendance at class camp. Other tasks that may gain CIP credits on an hourly basis include classroom assistance, library support, baking for school events, voluntary work at the preschool, helping with repairs and maintenance, supporting twilight concerts, and assisting in the BD garden. Note this is not the full extent of activities that will attract CIP credits. If you have a query about the eligibility of a certain task contact the Daily Operations Manager and/or refer to your Parent Handbook.