Stop in for a bargain on second-hand uniforms! Shirts, blouses, polos, shorts, skirts, skorts, and trousers are $5 each. We have a large selection of jumpers, and a few sports jackets and pants at $10 each.

See you there!


The 2nd Hand Uniform shop is open on the following schedule:

Odd term weeks –  THURSDAY Afternoons 3:00 – 3:45pm 

Our supply of clothing is dependent on donations, so we cannot guarantee we have all the stock below in all sizes. Your donations of gently used uniforms in good, clean condition are very gratefully received.

We are located in front of the Class 6 building on the Middle Cove campus.

Secondhand price list:

Shorts, trousers, skirts, short and longsleeve shirts $5

Sports polo (Unisex) $5

Sport tracksuit bottoms $5

Sport tracksuit jacket $10

Red and blue woollen jumpers  $10

Panama hat (Senior School – girls) $10

Unisex cap (Senior School only) $5

Wide brimmed sports hat (Junior School) $5

Backpack $10

Raincoats $10

Blazers $75 (New Blazer sample sizes are available at reception)


Choosing to purchase from the 2nd hand uniform shop has many positive spin offs. Clothing
your students for less $$ out of pocket, being ecologically minded … reduce, re-use, re-cycle,
and the money you spend is going to good use. Proceeds are split 50 / 50 between the schools
operating budget and supporting The MacFarlane School in Katherine, NT’s Scholarship fund.
Each year, Year 11 students travel to work for a week at the end of Term 2. The trip is
described by all as very rewarding, and we are extremely lucky to have this experience and to
foster such a meaningful relationship between our schools. The scholarship fund is a great way
to thank MacFarlane for their generosity each year.